Review: PaMu Slide

Padmate, makers of PaMu Slide, paid me to write this review.

I’ve spent ages looking for some wireless bluetooth headphones that’ll work for me in a few settings: running, walking the dog, sitting on the Tube, and at work. I’ve got some Sony over-ear headphones but they’re no good for running (the sweat will kill them) or dog walking (it’s often raining in London and I don’t want to get them wet).

I weighed up AirPods but they’re pretty expensive and I’m not convinced they’d stay in my ears while running. I also backed some headphones on Kickstarter that looked like they’d do the trick, but they were beyond dreadful. Finally, I was tempted by Jabra headphones, but they cost more than I wanted to pay for a pair of headphones that’s going to endure a lot of sweat.

Then an angel appeared in my inbox. Specifically my pal, Edison. We met while I was on tour in China and have kept in touch over the years. He now runs Padmate, which makes audio equipment. He asked if I’d be willing to try Padmate’s latest headphones out and give my opinion as a musician and runner.

With Edison in 2014

With Edison in 2014

A bit of context: PaMu Slide is currently funding on Indiegogo. If you buy the headphones before funding ends in mid-July, they’ll only cost you $50. Which is a snip, imho.

Small but mighty

Some TWS (true wireless) earbuds on the market feel kind of bulky, and stick out of your head way too far. Not these guys. They’re sleek and compact, but they also kick out great sound. I’m by no means an audiophile, but these things are considerably more jumpin’ than your standard Apple headphones. And yet, they’re tiny.

Another bonus is that they pack 10 hours of playtime, so you don’t have to constantly worry about keeping them charged if you’re going on a trip. And you can add another 50 hours of playtime with the accompanying charging case.


When I’m running, I need headphones that don’t fall out of my ears, can survive being drenched in sweat, and – importantly – sound good. PaMu Slide does all three. On a 24km, super hot run last Sunday, I had no trouble keeping the buds in my lugholes. And that’s with a lot of sweat going on. As for how they’ll survive after repeatedly being drenched in sweat, I can’t comment. But the build quality feels solid, so I’m optimistic.

The snug fit means that PaMu Slide blocks out lots of the noise around when I’m running, leaving me free to enjoy my beats. On Sunday, I cranked out Lizzo’s new record, followed by the new Personal Best, with a splash of Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest banger to finish. Whereas my old running headphones would be getting uncomfortable after listening to three records on a run, the Slides still felt comfy – and sounded good, too.

A dog (walker)’s best friend

I have some over-ear Sony headphones that I love but I don’t love wearing them when I’m walking Hyko. For one, I can’t hear anything around me because they block out most sound. I also don’t trust their waterproofness, which is a pain when you spend a lot of time walking a dog in the rain. And if it does rain and I want to put them away, then I need to carry a bag to put the dang things in. They’re hardly pocket-sized.

Which is exactly why these PaMu puppies are ideal for a dog walker like me. In the event that I want to stop listening to whatever I’m listening to, I can pop them right back in the case – which easily fits in a jacket pocket – or, at a stretch, the back pocket of your jeans. Perfect.

Wear them everywhere

My old running headphones very much looked like running headphones. I’m not a particularly vain person, but they’re not the kind of thing I’d want to wear around town or at the office. Not to mention the fact that they started to get pretty uncomfortable after an hour of wear.

I dig the Slides because they not only work for running and active stuff, but they’re also more than adequate for listening to a podcast on the Tube (without needing to crank the volume to an ear-splitting level) and enjoying some tunes while working at the office. They’re not going to cut out as much sound as my over-ear phones, but they’re a great alternative for days when I’m packing light.

Closing statement

If you’re looking to dip into the TWS headphone space, and want something solid that won’t cost the earth, I can’t think of anything better than PaMu Slide. Particularly if you need something for your workout as well as your commute.

Visit the PaMu Slide Indiegogo to find out more, or pick up your own pair.

Luke Leighfield